Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why am I starting a blog, there is a little story that started everything off. Mickey a friend of mine told me to submit a design to the County Fair, I did and was excited to win first prize, there were three total entries!

At Scrapfest 2009 Nancy M. was telling me that I should be submitting my scrapbook designs to magazines for publication possibilities. I kinda smiled and let her tell me all the ins and out of being published, to date I still haven't sent anything to a magazine.

Then in December, Tonya (my local store owner) showed me an email from Reminisce, they were having a contest to become a 'Design Team Member' she told me I had to send in the 'Monkey' layout! I already had several layouts done with Reminisce paper so we looked through the store and decided to send in 'Monsters' and 'Trick or Treat' too! The contest called for other items so I made a couple cards and a little Christmas House as well.  I was very hush hush, I didn't want everybody to know that I was entering a contest, the chances were one in a million. I emailed everything by the contest deadline, not in my hands anymore, end of story. Or so I thought!

The morning the announcements were made I didn't even look at the website, I had secretly began hoping my layouts would be recognized and didn't want to be disappointed.  When my husband told me I was runner-up I couldn't believe it, I had to see the website for myself and there it was! I called Tonya so excited, to this day I still am in awe. Then Reminisce still invited to join the Design Team, so cool!! I am going to post pictures of what I submitted.